There are a variety of advertising and targeting methods to help market your software or application. SEO, SEM, and Display advertising are usually the most well known advertising practices. But how does bundling fit into all of this? Why should you spend your marketing budget on bundling for your software? Let’s examine a few models and find out!

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process of affecting the visibility of a website through a specific search engine’s organic search results.  SEO helps improve the placement of your website in search results. In a nutshell, the higher up in the placement a search query and the frequency for which a website that appears in search results, the more likely users will visit that site due to clicking on the search result links.  Common SEO strategies focus on what people search for, search terms, keywords, and preferred search engines.

Search Engine Marketing, SEM, involves increasing visibility in search engine results pages for the purpose of promoting websites. This includes things like paid placements, optimization, contextual advertising and lots more. SEM is pretty vast and can include SEO practices to attain high rankings.

Display Advertising is simply advertising that contains logos, copy, and images generally for the purpose of driving brand awareness.

Although all of the methods listed are useful marketing tools, they depend on search engines or websites to help users find your product.  They also can be expensive if you are competing with similar products in the market.  Software bundling is a little different. Generally, bundling refers to how software is distributed alongside other software products online. Essentially other software providers are promoting your software in their download flow or inside of their application.  The best time to promote your application is when they are downloading another application. It is the point at which the user is most engaged and likely to be receptive to a download. The discovery process is highly contextual with bundling scales with your advertising budget. Similar tools such as ranking, bidding, and optimization are available today in the word of bundling, but the ultimate concept centers on distribution of software in the download flow.

Bundling is nothing new and has been around for years. In fact, if you remember back to the days when software was loaded and distributed on a CD, many other products where co-promoted on that CD. Bundling works when the products co-promoted together are relevant to the end user. Advertisers and publishers choose to distribute products that either work together to provide a specific solution or complement a particular market. Over the years, software bundling has evolved and there have been both good and bad forms innovation in the industry to help developers acquire users and monetize their audience. At Bunndle, we work hard at trying to preserve the end user’s experience by offering an opt-in offer (requiring the user to select “Accept” or “Decline” of the software), following clear guidelines and optimizing so that the most relevant advertisement is shown to the end user.  Unfortunately not everyone adopts the same practices and so it’s important from both an advertiser and publisher perspective that you work with partners who will do the above.

How Does Bundling Add Value?

Although there are millions of customers everywhere constantly searching for different applications that will provide them with a variety of solutions but what about the customer who doesn’t know what to search for? What if your product is in a brand new space that no one’s ever heard of?  With bundling, customers have the ability to discover products that may have gone unnoticed.  Even if the user doesn’t download the product when offered, the brand awareness and marketing value becomes apparent when the user eventually goes to your site to learn more. What a great way to drive organic growth!

Where we come in!

Here at Bunndle, we enable software advertisers and publishers to reach customers anywhere they are installing online.

As an Advertiser, Bunndle enables you to target users that are most likely to download your product. You pick the publishers that you want to promote your product. This ensures that your brand is being represented the way you want it.  You are in the driver’s seat!  Also, your ad is only shown to the users most likely to install your product, giving you quality traffic and real growth.

From a Publisher standpoint, we allow you to maintain total control! Here at Bunndle we make sure that integration is simple, the most relevant ads are shown to the end user, and your install flow ultimately operates uninterrupted with a seamless experience.