Updates for advertisers continue to flow out of the pipeline here at Bunndle. Today we’re debuting new partnership features, installer options, and interface updates.

New Partner Interface

The Campaigns page has been updated to include a “Select Partners” tab with an interface resembling the recently updated “Bids” table.  ”Select Partners” will allow advertisers to see a list of selected Publisher partnerships, sorted in order of best fit, and features the same search and sorting capabilities as the Bids table. By clicking the name of either the Product or Company, additional information is displayed to the right of the selection table listing Company Name, Product Name, Product Description, and Product Categories.

If for some reason you would like to hide all products from a specific publisher, you can do so by selecting the publisher name and then clicking on the ‘X’ box in the pop up information on the right hand side of the screen.  This can be undone under the “My Accounts” page.

Run of Network

At the top of the Partners interface, a “Run Of Network” option is available which enables a campaign to run across all publishers in the network at a discounted rate. This option is useful for advertisers new to the Network or looking to maximize spend without a lot of targeting.

Run of Network however is a permanent selection for a particular campaign. More specifically, once selected for the campaign, you don’t have the option of going back to select individual partners. You can “Pause” or “Expire” the campaign and start over if needed but please note that selecting Run of Network puts some limitations on your campaign.

New Installer Upload Options

We’ve expanded our installer options so that now installers can be uploaded either directly to Bunndle or via external URL.  The external URL allows advertisers to upload heavier installers that exceed the 5 MB limitation for direct uploads.  While this may appear to be a small addition, it gives advertisers greater flexibility in choosing what installer to upload.