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After lots of hard work, Bunndle is proud to roll out a set of new features for advertisers that include spend caps, the ability to edit campaigns, interface updates, and more.

Spend Caps & New Bids Interface

Spend Caps is a feature that allows advertisers to set the daily maximum dollar amount which can be spent per campaign per locale. These optional values can be enabled or disabled at any given time during a campaign.

Bunndle already offers advertisers the ability to control how long a campaign runs. Now, with Spend Caps, advertisers can control how much they spend on each campaign, by giving advertisers the ability to set a maximum spend or maximum number of installs per locale for any campaign.

Spend Caps have been integrated into a newly updated ‘Bids’ interface that can be accessed in the Products tab during the creation of the advertiser’s campaign.  While the design is now much sleeker and in a table format, it retains the familiar Bunndle bid process, with a few, easy-to-use additions.

Advertisers can get started by creating their own campaign.  Under the Bids section, the process for selecting locales is the same as before but has a new look.  The “Select Countries” table can be sorted or filtered by either country or language.  For example, by typing “English” into the search field, the table is filtered to only English speaking countries. Countries can be added by clicking the “+” next to each country.

Once countries are added to the Bids table, advertisers can add additional money to the bid. The total bid, per install, will appear to the right.

To enable a Spend Cap for any country, select the “Enable Cap” box on the far right of the table. Two new fields, “Daily Cap” and “Daily Install Cap,” are now accessible. These two are linked, so only one needs to be filled out. “Daily Cap” is used to input a maximum dollar amount, while “Daily Install Cap” represents maximum number of installs.  Each will be calculated according to the total bid value.

For instance, if the total bid for a country is $0.50, a “Daily Cap” of $25.00 could be set, resulting in a maximum number of installs of 50. Or the “Daily Install Cap” could be set at 40, automatically setting the spend cap to $20.00. Each field will autocomplete the other. And if the bid price is changed, the Spend and Install Caps are automatically adjusted.

If an advertiser chooses not to use Spend Caps, simply leave the “Enable Cap” box unchecked and campaign advertising will continue unrestricted.

The new Bids table can also be sorted by any column.  To sort, just click on the arrows adjacent to the title of each column. allowing for maximum organization during the bidding process

Edit Campaigns

If an advertiser would like to go back and edit their previous parameters.  Edit campaign allows advertisers to modify the product images, start and end dates, targeting fields, bids, spend caps, local and offers.

To reach Edit Campaigns, on the dashboard under the “Products” tab, select the gear box.  Campaigns can be edited at any point in time, including after they have expired.  To restore an expired campaign to an active state, the end date must be changed to a time in the future.

Other New Features

Back under the Products tab on the Dashboard, there are two new columns: “Total Cap” and “Budget Remaining.” The “Total Cap” represents the collective amount of all Spend Caps in the respective campaign.

Note: The ‘Total Cap’ exclusively represents the collective maximum of locales with Spend Caps enabled; if some locales in a campaign do not have a Spend Cap, the total amount of money spent may exceed that listed under Total Cap.

Also new to the interface is a “Budget Remaining” column. This allows advertisers to quickly gauge how much budget is remaining for any given campaign. If advertisers see that budget remaining is too low they can quickly add funds by clicking the shopping cart icon on the far right.  This takes them to the “Add Funds” page where advertisers can add money by either wire, check, or PayPal.

Give it a try!

The new upgrades are long time coming and we’re all very excited to see them finally launch. Our engineers have meticulously been working on every detail imaginable for this release. But nothing is perfect, and we’d love feedback. If you have a comment, question, or suggestion about any of the new features, leave a comment below or e-mail us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.